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We have standard game parts in stock to get your game started and cater to your investment. Otherwise, if you have your own designs, we have 27 years of rich experience and expertises to help you produce them in various materials. Just let us know how we can help. Game pieces can be made from paper, plastic, resin, wood, metal, glass and other materials. Prototyping is the vital process to help you visualize your product prior to mass production. Special pieces can be sourced.

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Note: Some game pieces shown here are exclusively designed  and produced for our clients for their games only. We do not sell these pieces and respect their intellectual property. Displayed here only to show the varieties of game pieces we have produced and our capabilities.

Star Race ®

Spelling Tile Game

We are selling STAR RACE®, an exciting Glow-in-the-dark Spelling Tile Game that is Educational and Super Fun. Players learn while they play and it can be played outdoor in the dark as a fun school and family activities. Bring along to camping and parties for a fun-filled time. STAR RACE® is versatile to play in Spanish and French. Inquiries from individual buyers and bulk buyers are welcome worldwide.

Recommended Retail Pirce: USD$19.99. 

Ready stock in the USA and Singapore. Subject to stock availability.

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