High Quality

Board games



We have the technical expertise pertaining  to board games to assist you in putting your game together. Here is the list to get the dice rolling:

Graphic Design Services for Game Boards, Game Boxes, Game pieces and other components.

Optimizing configuration for game production cost and process efficiency.

Industrial Prototyping

Game Trays Design

Fast Sourcing Services for unusual components

Premium Printing and Supporting Processes


Strict Quality Control

Assist in Lab Tests for International Child Safety for your target market


Assembling, Packing, Shipping Cartons


Shipping and Logistic




We offer superb value and quality to our customers from the printing of Marketing Brochure, Newsletters, and Magazines to High-Quality Hard Cover books, Top & Bottom Boxes & Sophisticated Packaging Gift Boxes.

Send us your detail specifications if you need the following items:

Board Games

Game Cards & Poker Cards

Hand-made Hard Boxes

Folding Boxes

Gift Boxes


Mooncake Boxes

Cosmetics and Pharmaceutical Boxes

Eco-friendly Packaging

Top and Bottom Boxes

Newsletters & Magazines

Corporate Collaterals & Brochures

Supporting Packaging Materials




Since 1992, ColorMagic has been helping our corporate clients namely Singapore Airlines, Ministry of Education, Hewlett Packard, BMW, Microsoft, Cisco Systems, Sheaffer etc. in their corporate Newsletters, News Magazines and Corporate Collaterals. We have constantly evolved and added more services and have advised our clients and to cater to their requirements on their design needs for their projects and events needs. Our export market includes USA, Sweden, UK, Netherlands, Australia, France, South East Asia etc.

We continue to provide for our client's immediate and future needs for the following services:

Professional Graphic Design

Product Design

Packaging Design

Illustration and Logos

Event and Gift Items Design

Industrial Design