Board games, Card games

and Toy Manufacturing

ColorMagic is also the market leader in the design and manufacturing of Board games, Card games and Plastic Toys and has established factories in China and SE Asia to cater to our worldwide clients.


With 28 years of experience in the board game manufacturing, we offer highly customized board games printing, development services, technical configuration, manufacturing and packaging services to our clients. With our rich technical knowledge in board games print and packaging production, we use detail processes for colour checking and strict quality control before every job is shipped out.

Because every board game is unique, we understand that it is important to offer our customers a holistic solution for their board games. We offer services from A to Z in order to put a game together and they are graphic design, manufacturing of game boxes, game boards, play money, game cards, game trays, instructions sheets, game components in plastic (multi-sided dice, spinners, counters, chips, mats), electronics, resin, wood glass, foam and metal and so on and also refines the solutions as we progress. We also provide value-added services including professional illustrations, efficient sourcing for unusual items, shipping and logistic up to your doorstep. Tell us your idea and what you need, we will do the rest.

Contact us and let us know how we can help you with your board game ideas and we will provide our expertise and advice to better configure your game according to your requirements and budget.

Below are some of the many actual board games made by ColorMagic for our clients from our factories. Theses are intellectual properties belonging to our client. We do not sell them directly. Games displayed here are to show our design and portfolio only.